Institutional Workshops

Why should you choose an ACTFL workshop?

  • Our workshop facilitators come from a wide range of linguistic, professional, and educational backgrounds, making it possible to find the appropriate expert to work with your faculty
  • In addition to experts with K-12, higher education, immersion, and applied linguistics backgrounds, we are able to accommodate groups of LCTL (Less Commonly Taught Language) teachers, native and indigenous language communities, and international schools

Virtual Workshops: All workshops are currently offered virtually. Our virtual workshops, both in a hybrid format of on-demand modules and live sessions, as well as in a fully synchronous format, have been highly successful and offer greater scheduling flexibility and a significantly reduced cost to educational organizations and institutions across the country and the world. When we have the capacity to deliver in-person workshops again, we will continue to offer our workshops virtually as well so that institutions have the option to select the delivery format that best meets their needs and budget.

Certification Workshops

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Postsecondary Workshops

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PreK-12 Workshops

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Before submitting your workshop request to ACTFL, it’s important to review all of our offerings to ensure that you identify the most appropriate workshop for your institution’s context. Then, please complete the checklist associated with each workshop prior to submitting your request, which will help expedite the arrangement of your workshop. Please address any inquiries to