Teaching and Learning Remotely

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During the first years of the COVID-19 pandemic, many school systems shifted to online, remote learning. To assist educators in navigating this new way of instruction, ACTFL has curated a list of resources for teachers.

Although most instruction has now transitioned back into traditional, on-site classrooms, we will continue to make these resources available on this page.

Open Resource List

The below resources are available to both members and non-members to help guide you through the online transition. Additional resources will be regularly added for both members and non-members. While the majority of resources are available exclusively for members, the below videos will hopefully provide guidance and instruction for those teaching remotely.

Remote Learning Resources for Members

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In addition to the resources below, ACTFL membership includes access to The Language Educator, Foreign Language Annals, a Special Interest Group, and ACTFL Central, to help connect you to the latest tools, research, and peers, as well as additional webinars and tools for teaching remotely.

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Video Going the Distance: Tools and Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning

In this session with Nicole Naditz, ACTFL 2015 National Language Teacher of the Year (San Juan, USD), we will explore important design considerations for your remote learning experiences and tools anyone can use (yes, even if you have never done this before!!) to start delivering meaningful world language instruction online. You will leave with resources to help you get started at your own pace. Access a pdf of the presentation. View a summary of the Q&A.

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Video Graphic Organizers: Visualize – Simplify – Connect

Graphic organizers unite text with images to present information, ideas, concepts, and vocabulary that are important to the understanding of a theme or topic. Donna Clementi illustrates how to use a variety of graphic organizers to present and facilitate communication about the theme or topic via the three modes. This one-hour webinar highlights examples from world language classrooms and from the content-based instruction website at CARLA (Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition) at the University of Minnesota. Access a PDF of the presentation View a summary of the Q&A.

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Video Remote Learning: Keeping our Learners Close

How can I provide my learners a week of engaged learning? Remote teaching and learning does not mean taking five days of face-to-face lessons and putting everything online. We need to keep in mind the most effective strategies for learning in order to engage our learners in an online environment: moving from teacher-driven to student-centered and focusing on learning (through engagement and relationships) rather than teaching. How can I focus on what is most important to support my learners so they maintain their language skills? Experience what a week of learning looks like in this 1-hour live webinar with Yo Azama, 2012 ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year, and Michelle Lupisan. Access a PDF of the presentation. View a summary of the Q&A.

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Video Translating Inclusive Classroom Practices for World Language Classrooms to Remote Learning

How can we most effectively engage all learners while teaching remotely? In this one-hour webinar with Katy Arnett, explore ways teachers can incorporate (or recognize how we are already incorporating) elements of inclusive practice in our remote learning experiences. Join this discussion and acquire specific strategies to support each unique learner. We explore how remote learning has challenged our sense of being effective as an educator, particularly as it pertains to supporting students with more complex needs or home lives. View the PDF of the presentation slides. View the Q&A Summary. View a resource on Differentiation through Choice Boards.

Distance Learning SIG

Learn from Others

The ACTFL Distance Learning SIG offers a variety of resources on distance learning and teaching, from webinars of best practices to an online community for questions and sharing resources. The DL SIG provides a space for teachers engaged in distance learning to connect and collaborate. Non-members must join or rejoin and can enroll in the DL SIG as part of the application process. Already a current member? Joining a SIG is free for ACTFL members.